May 4, 2010


Citronille is a lovely french shop that sells books, fabrics and patterns. I discovered it some time ago but have never sewn from their patterns. I do browse their delightful website for inspiration (did I hear someone say to copy their designs for my kids?)
I´ve read reviews on some blogs and they are positive. What attracts me most is how simple the patterns are yet so cute. Children clothes have gathers, pleats, they´re not too fussy, toned down colours and what I like the most: dungarees and peter pan collars:

They have that french style touch when it comes to choosing colours. These two are my favorites:

And this is what happens when I see something I like:

I might be breaking a dozen of copyright laws by doing this, but , will I be fine if I do it just for my kids? I have to say though, that spanish sewing magazines have plenty of similar patterns, and that babies are dressed this way all the time, not just on important occassions. That is why I have not needed to buy citronille patterns so far (plus I dont speak french) but their choice of fabrics and combination of colours make them unique.

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  1. Hace poco estuve en Paris y visité una mercería preciosa que tenía todos los patrones y libros de Citronille. No lo conocía hasta ese momento pero me enamoré al instante. Compré un patrón para Rebecca, modelo "Prisca" y un libro que me tiene loca,
    Tuve en la mano la ranita que pones al principio pero la dejé, ya era gastar demasiado.
    Y dirás, por que te cuento esto, pues porque me ha hecho mucha ilusión ver que compartimos gustos tambien en patrones franceses.
    Tambien fui a la has oido hablar de este sitio?...un auténtico paraiso!! aunque lleno de gente, una locura.
    Un besito


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