May 21, 2009

Living etc...

I´ve just moved house and this is my main source of inspiration . I´ve been subscribed for a fewyears and it never dissapoints me. They catch up with design trends quite quickly so that I never have too many "everything white" or "saturated colours" issues. Of course they feature houses and families way out of my league in price, location, or number of children but I thinkthat´s how it should be. They take great care in styling their interiors in line with the short storythey write. If it´s a bachelors pad the bedroom will be seen a bit untidy and champan flutes onkitchen. If it´s a family of seven children they´ll photograph toys all over the place.
I constantly flick through my issues for reference but this section of the web it´s great. I´ve been searching for girls rooms lately and these are just lovely.

I like this pale green colour mixed with a bit of pink. And note the curtain fabric by Cath Kidston, always a must for me.
In a perfect house I´d have this shelf (stuff included)

If I wanted to stay away from the pink I´d go for these beds. Again with the little dress included, although hang on... I´ve got a dozen like them in my cupboard. They are very spanish in taste. "Spanish grandmothers smock their little grandchildren dresses while tired grandfathers have their siesta"

And for a baby to be born this is a cheerful nursery

I think there´s a lot we can do with colour, and this is just a small example.

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