Nov 9, 2010

como coser mangas :: Promoted!

Ayer monté mi tercer par de mangas, sin arrugas y sin bolsas. Rehice la costura veinte veces pero me han quedado muy bien así que a partir de este momento me asciendo de nivel. De principiante a avanzado. Ea. Con un par de cuellos me haré experta.
Os dejo un video que explica perfectamente como montar las mangas, yo me lo sé ya de memoria.Pinchad aquí.
Good news for me! I´ve been self promoted from novice to intermediate. I´ve completed my third set of sleeves and they look perfect. No pluckers and no catchings. It´s taken me three days but they´re done. Here´s a video that helped me "master" the technique. Click here.

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  1. Hola!
    You have just won my giveaway! :) Thank you so much for entering. I hope that you will like it a lot! I could not find an email adress of yours. Please send me your adress to the following email, so that I can send it to you soon!

    I am so excited! I think that vintage seamstress charm will match perfectly with your mustard wanderlust blouse!
    Have a wonderful day!

    p.s.: Congrats on your self-promotion! ;)


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