Oct 15, 2010

Por fin :: Finally

6 semanas después mi falda de verano ya está terminada. yupiiiiiii!!!! No me importa que se me pelen las rodillas de frío porque lo que cuenta es que lo he conseguido.
Me lié con las instrucciones, tuve que pedir ayuda, me quedé casi sin tela, la he cosido practicamente a mano pero ESTÁ TERMINADA Y COLGADA EN MI ARMARIO. Sin estrenar, claro, a ver con que medias me pongo una falda azul marino. Color carne, oigo por ahi. mmmm? Si es mi carne entonces son medias blancas.

Six weeks later and my summer skirt is finally finished!. I don't care it's the end of October because I am going to wear it.
I messed it up with the instructions, had to ask for help, run out of fabric, had to hand sew almost every seam, but IT'S FINISHED AND HANGS BEAUTIFULLY IN MY CLOSET. Haven't worn it yet, just waiting to find the right shoes for a navy short skirt.

Lo mejor:
  • Dobladillos y cremallera están hechos a mano. Ya me salen las puntadas muy bien, tanto que me he atrevido a fotografiarlas.
  • Me la he ajustado al cuerpo estupendamente. No me hace ni una bolsa rara, y cuando me siento no reviento las costuras :-)
  • He pespunteado el canesú interior al margen de la costura y así queda plano y se plancha mejor.
  • He cosido un corchete. Nada destacable pero es mi primer corchete.
The best:
  • Hems and zip are sewn by hand. It came out so neat I could even take pictures to show it off.
  • Great fitting!
  • I understitched the inside yoke and it really makes a difference
  • I stitched a hook and eye thingy. Not a big deal but it was the first time.

Lo mejorable:
  • La talla 42 de Burda es enorme para mi. A ver si me entero. No solo de ancho sino de alto, que luego las cinturillas me llegan a las axilas.
  • No tengo 15 años para llevar faldas tan cortas.
  • Juro por Dios que jamas volveré a desviarme de las instrucciones de Burda
Y aquí os dejo fotos de mi yo misma posando cual Naomi Campbell en negativo. Son fotos horrorosas pero es para que me creáis y veáis que esta vez no hay trampa en la espalda :-)

What could have been better:
  • Burda size 42 is huge for me. German girls are way taller than me. Poor girls.
  • I'm not 15 anymore. Short skirts should never be back in my wardrobe.
  • I will never again ignore burda instructions in my life. NEVER.
And here you have me posing like Naomi Campbell on a really bad day. Terrible photos just to prove that the fitting is right, and that this time I don't need anything else :-)

Y si queréis ver mas podéis pasaros por BurdaStyle, donde por ahora soy de las pocas españolas en la comunidad Burda. Alguien se anima a hacerme compañía?

You can see me also in BurdaStyle, where I believe I'm one of the few spanish sewists in the community. Anyone would like to join me?


  1. Just found your blog and, of course, you just made the skirt that's up next-ish (you know how it is) on my To Sew List. But you just killed me. I hadn't realized the pleated pannel was single layer and ON TOP of another one!!! I was puzzled by the cut on the fold part but now I'm completely confused. I need to go think about it. Just tell me this: the "real" hem of the skirt, is it on the old or not? A la maniere of a bubble skirt? because that's what I understood. Ay! TIA

  2. Hi Tia, Please don´t follow my directions to sew this skirt because it´ll confuse you even more!!! All the skirt panels are folded, meaning there´s lot of fabric and bulk at the seams, especially the yoke. As I understood it, the pleated panel is on top of the front panel and just stitched to one side, so this seam will have 6 layers of fabric!. I wasn´t convinced by this construction method and that´s why I made a "normal" skirt, hemming each panel separately. This blog post might be of help

    I checked your blog and liked it a lot, but did you stop blogging?

  3. Thanks for the reply. I'll have to make an executive decision, then! I had read SD's post about the skirt, actually.

    Hum, I'm going to think it over some more...

    And I didn't stop bloggin permanently, just haven't been sewing much lately. I just came back from vacation in NYC not too long ago and have stuff to blog about. I'm just being lazy, I guess :p

    (Sorry for using abbreviations.I see I misled you re: my username. TIA = Thanks in Advance!)

  4. Well, I´ll be checking your blog to see if you finally make the skirt! Can´t wait now...


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