Sep 11, 2010

another level

I remember the first time I traced a pattern from a burda. It must have been one of the ancient burdas my mother has in her pile, and it probably was something for me. I must have been begging her to let me help so much (and so loud) that she finally cracked. I unfolded the huge pattern sheet, with a zillion of different line types in red and green crammed over yellow paper and I traced proudly my first piece. I don't remember what it was or what happened with it. I do remember that it looked strange and I didn't understand a word. Sewing jargon was beyond my limited vocabulary, and the magazine was written in german so I relied on the graphics.

A few years later and I went through the same feeling when I saw this:

Yes. It's japanese. I don't understand a word (not even a letter) of it. I'm going to rely on my instinct, my sewing books and of course my knowledgeable mother. Others tried successfully so why can't I make it? This jacket is so sweet for my girls that I haven't got any other choice but make it.

The pattern is from a lovely japanese book called girly style wardrobe. I bought it from this shop, along with a selection of fabrics that I'll show you soon. I'm in a kind of hurry to finish the jacket because I'd like to enter the sew along before September the 17th, so off I go. Just wish me luck.

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