Sep 16, 2010

Read the instructions

Remember this?. I was stuck with this skirt so I had to go to Mum. Have I ever said she´s a very experienced and talented seamstress? Have I ever said she´s done like a million miles of stitching lines, sewn all types of fabrics, done dresses, costumes, quilts, embroidery, you name it?
Well it just occurred to me that she might be able to help me here. So this is how it went:

Me: I´m stuck with this silly skirt. Can´t find out what´s wrong. The front is shorter than the back!!

Mum: But it´s a simple skirt, just put the pleated piece over the front piece with no pleats and...

Me: WHAT!!?

Mum: But look at the cut out diagram, you have to cut piece #3 twice, one for the back and one for the front because it goes under the pleated front piece, so that when you walk you won´t flash your insides

Me: Well, that´ll teach me to look at drawings and think.

I´m happy but I feel silly so when the silliness feeling disappears I´ll dig the skirt out of the POUP and give it another try.

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