Sep 9, 2010

something is not quite right here

Skirt #2 is on its way. I chose this pink model from one of my latest burda, with a dotted dark navy fabric in mind. The yoke suits me and the pleats will give the skirt a bit of fun. I'll wear it with white shirts for work or T-shirts for casual days. I was eager to start and traced the pattern, cut out all pieces and labeled each one in less than an hour.
And it was then that something struck me as odd.

The instructions call for pieces 3 and 4 (front and back) to be cut twice and on the fold (??) Well, after re-reading the directions (I admit I should have done it before) it looks like the fabric is actually folded along the hemline, so that you have double thickness and no hem... It didn't sound good to me. Too much hassle and fabric. So I went down the easy route. I cut 2 pieces of each yoke, but only one of the back and the front, with hem allowance, and I would assemble it in a more traditional manner.

All my pieces cut (that is, two days later) and ready to be mounted.
Second thing that struck me as odd.

When I basted the pleats on the front piece, the width was shorter that the back piece. In other words, it didn't cover the distance between side seams, by at least 7cms. At this point I re-read directions again but couldnt find a logical explanation. Checked the pattern in case I had traced the wrong size but it was OK... time to put it to rest. I took it out of sight because there was a strong possibility of sending this project to my pile of unfinished projects (the dreaded POUP), and I liked the fabric too much to waste it that way. I had these options:
1. cut the piece again- I haven't got enough fabric AND I'm stingy and don't want to buy more.
2. Arrange the pleats so that the final length is right. Tried it and it looks ridiculous
3. Sew a piece of fabric as an extension and hide it within the pleats... dodgy

I'm angry because it was supposed to be a straight forward project and it's NOT. I still have to adjust the yoke so that it fits my stupid low hips and latino curves, and then the zip.

For the time being it's on the stand by pile, waiting for my mood to decide if I go for it or relegate it to the POUP for ever...

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Hola Maria, tengo una amiga que esta interesada en el patron de tu falda, me dices donde lo puedo coseguir en burda style? quizas, o hace demasiado tiempo.

    Por cierto, la falda te salio chulisima y muy ponible.

    Besitos guapa


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