Sep 16, 2010

I can make a japanese!!!

Mission accomplished.
I couldn´t be happier as I have finished this jacket just in time for the sew along that m is for make organized.

Things I have learnt:
  • Trust my instict. As I didn´t understand the instructions I relied on the diagrams and also my own experience. I have been sewing following patterns word by word, without thinking too much, just doing what each step told me to. This time was different and I´m pleased to discover that I still have a bit of common sense left.
  • Choose the right fabric. The drape of this linen is what makes the jacket so cute. I wouldn´t try in quilting cotton or a heavy linen mix, as it was my first idea. My Heather Ross fabric will have to wait in my your-such-a-gorgeous-fabric-I´ll-never-use-you pile for the right project.
Things I´ll remember next time:
  • DO NOT SEW FAST (again, I made the mistake of sewing like a compulsive maniac, just because my daily uninterrupted sewing time is a ridiculous 45 minutes slot)
  • Don´t be lazy and change the thread. White doesn't necessarily match everything. Just take the fabric outside at daylight and see for yourself.
  • Cut out accurately. I got away with it this time because it was an easy pattern with plenty of ease but it won´t always work.
  • The seam ripper is your friend. The seam ripper came with your sewing machine not because they think you´re stupid but because they know you can make it better. The seam ripper understands your needs.
Things I´m most proud of:
  • I can make bias binding in no time at all.
  • Despite what I said before, I really sew fast!! It took me just three naps*. One to trace and cut the pattern pieces, one to prepare the fabric and cut them out and one to put it together. I´m impressed.
  • I finished it on time for the deadline. Now, I´ll be delighted if you could vote for me... click here and scroll down without looking at the other entries please.
*nap= I measure my sewing time in baby naps

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