Sep 3, 2010

Stealing ideas again

My inspiration book is full of drawings of designs that catch my fancy. It can be from a shop window, a catalogue, books, a film.. (as if I had time to go to the cinema). Anything I like I log it in my book so that I can reproduce it later when the right pattern and right fabric arrive miraculously at my door.

The sweet little dress at the top was from a shop window and is by Chloe. At the time I didn't have a million euros to splash on it, so as the situation remains the same, it is high on my list of winter dresses for my girls.

But the dress that I have always wanted to make is the super cute sailor dress found in a vintage shop on etsy. Unfortunately I can't recall which one, but I remember it was a vintage dress. I will make it in linen with a pique collar. It should be easy to draft the pattern and put together but I'm leaving it for next summer as I'm done for this year on summery clothes.

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